Processing Services

PPSL utilises a comprehensive range of controlled cleaning process including solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and molten salt cleaning to ensure the highest possible cleaning standards for every part passing through its processing plant.

Solvent cleaning involves the use of especially formulated solvents. This cleaning process is widely used for removing the polymers, paints, rubbers and plastics from metal parts. This very effective process completely dissolves the contaminant without attacking the surface of the metal.

Chemical Cleaning Chemical Cleaning can be used uniquely or as part of a multi-stage cleansing process to clean a wide range of filters types and contaminants. The chemicals and chemical strengths used vary according to the contaminant and the material the filter is made from. This ensures the highest quality of cleaning and the least risk to the customers parts. PPSL can also utilise Air Sparging or Ultrasonics to enhance the chemical processes it employs.

Molten Salt Cleaning provides a deep penetration cleaning The parts are placed in a bath of specially formulated salts and heated to the appropriate temperature under carefully controlled conditions. The specific temperature depends upon the contaminant to be removed and the thermal limits of the parts to be cleaned. Because the salt is in liquid form it can penetrate the finest of metal meshes to ensure even non-visible contaminant is removed.

Pyrolytic Cleaning is especially useful for the removal of modern specialist chemical and temperature resistant polymers. The principle of operation is a controlled burn within a low oxygen environment which causes the decomposition of the polymer to a final ash product without damaging the equipment. PPSL has an advantage over other pyrolysis processes as we can enhance the final clean of the equipment with our customised chemical cleaning processes.

PPSL will be happy to meet and advise on the most suitable cleaning process to meet your specific requirements. We will run trials on a sample of your equipment to show you the high quality standard of cleaning we can provide. Please contact us with any queries or cleaning problems you have. We have the solution!

Please feel free to contact any of our team on +44 (0) 2871 860001. Or Via Email
Production Manager: Chris Clements
Chemical, Technical, R&D Engineer: Julian Whitehead